20 best survey sites in India

20 best survey sites in India

The list below is not a comprehensive list of all of the survey web sites that are available in India. As mentioned above, not all sites that can be found will already have good opportunities and maybe not all of the sites are legit.

The truth is, so, a set of genuine online paid surveys in India, and also only gets the most notable websites on this that truly can cover you. They are obviously free to join and use.

You will have the ability to see what kind of opportunities they provide, and if they offer to pay in cash, gift cards, or some thing else, so you can simply find the sites which fit you.

The list will likely be upgraded, therefore be certain you bookmark these pages and check it for new opportunities once in a while.

#1 - Toluna India

Payout methods: Pay Pal, gift cards, products

Short summary:

Toluna Influencers can be a global survey website, and it is also accessible India. It has a good number of available surveys, and also a really fantastic thing about Toluna is it has a site designed for India with chances only for you, should your home is there.

In addition, it has a residential area, where you are able to make yourselfvote for other peoples' content. It's possible to make by votes for other peoples' content, and if you create content that is interesting enough, then you may even earn by doing this.

Toluna is very easy to use and a site that you should absolutely check out. You may get paid through pay pal, GiftCards, or get products.


Payout methods: Pay Pal

Payout threshold: $5

More info: Read full Viewfruit review

Short summary:

Viewfruit has an Indian poll panel that has a fantastic level of paid surveys. It's simple to join and simple to utilize. As soon as you've signed up, you will start receiving survey invitations. And the site itself, you can also find a couple more options like voting for polls, creating polls, chatting with others, and also you can invite friends to connect your poll team to earn extra.

Like on all other survey websites, you will not be qualified for all surveys, thus don't quit, if you do not qualify for the first you try. Generally, Viewfruit is an excellent survey site to join in India and it has more opportunities than most others. What's more, it doesn't take a long time before it's possible to receive money, while you merely have to earn $5 until you are able to receive money in cash through pay pal.


Payout approaches: Gift-cards

Pay-out threshold: $5

More info: Read complete OpinionWorld review

Short summary:

OpinionWorld has another survey site simply for India. It's quite easy to use, and as soon as you've signed up, you don't have to login often, as you may receive email invitations when there is really a new survey available.

It's perhaps not just a site that will give you surveys every day, however it still features an adequate amount plus it is a genuine and legit site to participate if you reside in India.

The payout brink on OpinionWorld is around $5, and you can get paid via cards. So it doesn't require too much time to be in a position to get your first payout.

Combine OpinionWorld

# 4 - Valued Opinions India

Pay-out methods: Gift-cards, charity gifts

Payout threshold: $900

More info: Read complete Valued Comments review

Short outline:Valued Comments is just another very easy-to-use survey site with a specific online survey website for India. All you have to di is to sign-up and then you may start receiving email invitations for their paid polls.

You can also see the available surveys inside the members' area -- perhaps not straight away, so make sure you check back regularly. You can make upto $150 per poll although perhaps not all surveys can cover this much.

The payout threshold is quite low because it is possible to get your earnings when you've earned $900. You can get gift cards to, for example,, Flipkart, or subscribe to charity.

Join Valued Opinions

#5 - ySense

Payout methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Amazon, gift cards

Payout brink: $5

More information: Read full ySense review

Short overview:

YSense used to be called ClixSense but changed its name in 20-19. It's an overall great poll site. It is possible to make by taking polls, inviting friends, taking supplies, have the daily activity bonus, and do figure-eight tasks.

For India, there are a fair number of polls, however even though there might be so lots of designed for you, it has several other very good choices. Notably the figureeight tasks will make you some good money, in case you're persistent and build trust to acquire access to better and more paid tasks. YSense additionally includes some wonderful bonuses for Figure Eight tasks, as you'll get a $5 bonus each time you've earned $50 on these actions. Furthermore, there's a weekly task contest, in which you could win as much as $50, also ySense is generally very user friendly.

You may get paid cash through PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, or even buy Amazon gift cards or alternative gift cards. Definitely a site well worth considering, if you reside in India.

Join ySense

#6 - PrizeRebel India

Payout methods: PayPal, present cards

Short outline:

PrizeRebel is among my overall favorite survey sites and online reward portal sites. For India, it is however not at the top of my list, because it can not offer as much chances as in a number of other countries.

It is possible to earn by taking surveys, DO-ing figure-eight tasks, participate in complimentary competitions, receive free promo codes, and from accepting on the web supplies.

If you live in India, then you shouldn't expect you'll get lots of polls on PrizeRebel. It is more a site well worth joining if you are interested in several other methods of getting that the site offers, however you will even be ready to seek out some surveys , however it will take a little bit more patience to find the ones that you meet the requirements for in India. You are able to receive paid through pay pal already when you've earned $5 or choose from the big number of GiftCards.


Pay-out threshold: $10

More information: Read complete Timebucks inspection

Short outline:

TimeBucks is a website that provides a whole lot more than simply paid surveys and is somewhat different from many different sites. Why is it different is that it's some chances to earn I never have seen on other websites. Many of these can be found no matter where you live, and hence there are good opportunities for India as well.

Some ways to earn would be todo polls, see videos, see on the web articles , linking content on social media, after YouTube channels, and even mining where you can earn money just by having a tab . The rewards are not huge for most offers, but a number do also not take longterm.

The big plus is that there are always opportunities to earn irrespective of where you live, also you can find many interesting ways to earn. You can purchase paid through Bit-coin, Skrill, AirTM, Payeer, Bank Transfer, Neteller.

Combine Timebucks

#8 - TGM Panel India

Pay-out approaches: PayPal, GCodes

Payout brink: $10

More details: Read full TGM Panel inspection

Short outline:

TGM Panel includes its very own survey panel for India and that usually means you may only find relevant surveys here and it is frequently easier to qualify for your surveys you're offered here.

It's a very simple site -- whatever you need to do is only to sign up and you'll then begin receiving invitations whenever they've available polls. However, it is also possible to find a listing of the survey on your website itself.

You can get your profits out once you have earned $10 and receive them as cash through PayPal or as cards.

Join TGM Panel

No 9 - Surveytime

Pay-out methods: Pay Pal

Payout brink: $1

More details: Read full Surveytime inspection

Short outline:

Surveytime is a really easy-to-use survey site, and it is possible to get a good number of paid web surveys for India here and a lot give good rewards in connection to the time spent as compared to other sites.

Once you join, you've got to fill out a brief survey profiler. After this, you obtain access to your list of surveys that are available. You are able to see the length of time each survey will take.

All polls give $1, as soon as you have completed a poll, you receive money in your pay pal accounts right away (within seconds ).

Combine Surveytime

Number 10 - GrabPoints

Payout methods: Pay Pal, Skrill, gift cards

Pay-out brink: $3

More details: Read complete GrabPoints review

Short summary:

GrabPoints is a international GPT site that offers adequate ways to earn India.

It is possible to earn by taking surveys, see videos, download apps, take offers, and more. It can sometimes have a bit of patience to get the polls you qualify for, however, the people which you do take pay perfectly for the time and effort in contrast to many other websites.

The payout threshold on GrabPoints is suprisingly low as you can get your profits out when you have earned $3. It is possible to get paid via PayPal, Skrill, or GiftCards.

Combine GrabPoints

Number 11 -

Pay-out approaches: Pay Pal, Bit-coin

Pay-out brink: $1

More information: Read full inspection

Short overview: is an GPT site that gives plenty of ways to make a bit of extra profit India by accepting polls, watching videos, clicking ads, shooting offers, and much more.

When you first join, you only need to take a little bit of time and energy to learn how to utilize it since it can be very confusing initially time. But if you take some time, it offers many great earning procedures.

The ideal thing concerning is that the exact low payout threshold of only $1 so that you can quickly get your earnings out. Once you have confirmed your account, the money goes in to your account in a couple of hours so it really is among the quickest paying websites in India.


Payout approaches: PayPal, Amazon gift cards

Payout brink: $10

More details: Read complete servyeal inspection

Short overview:

Surveyeah is another quite straightforward survey site with its own survey panel at India. It's extremely userfriendly and will not take much work to be a part of.

It's, however, not just a website with a lot of available surveys, which means you should definitely not join it as the sole site but make certain that you also combine other internet sites to get enough opportunities.


Pay-out methods: PayPal, gift cards

Payout threshold: $1

More information: Read full FeaturePoints inspection

Short overview:

FeaturePoints is just a site that's extremely simple to use. By India, it isn't the site with opportunities, however, you can still find some great added ways to earn here.

You can make by taking downloading apps, and watching videos. A number of the techniques are only available through the user-friendly FeaturePoints program.

A excellent thing about this site along with it's being quite simple to use may be the very low payout threshold of only $1. So it should not take you long after you combine until you can receive paid through pay pal or get yourself a card.

Join FeaturePoints

#15 - Swagbucks

Payout methods: PayPal, big selection of gift cards

Payout threshold: $3

More information: Read full Swagbucks review

Short summary:

Swagbucks is one of the most famous and biggest GPT sites in the world. It only available in select countries, and has most opportunities for English-speaking countries. What many people do not know is, however, that Swagbucks is also available in India.

It does not give as many opportunities here as in other countries, and therefore it is not higher on the list of the best sites in India. But you can still earn some extra money by taking surveys, watching videos, taking offers, and more if you are a bit patient.

If you want to get paid in gift cards, you can get paid already when you have earned $3, but if you want to get paid in cash through PayPal, you have to wait until you have earned $25, which is a high threshold compared to some other sites.

Join Swagbucks

#16 - Online Panel NET

Payout methods: PayPal

Payout threshold: $10

More information: Read full Online Panel NET review

Short summary:

Online Panel NET is a fairly unknown survey and GPT site, but it actually has some pretty good ways to earn in India. You can earn by taking surveys through several providers, take paid offers, do micro-tasks, and more.

At first, it just takes a little time to learn to navigate, but once you have learned this, it is one of the sites that are worth checking out if you live in India.

Once you have earned $10, you will automatically receive your money through PayPal.


#17 - LifePoints Panel India

Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards

Payout threshold: $10

More information: Read full LifePoints Panel review

Short summary:

LifePoints Panel is a very simple survey site with its own panel for India. It was recently launched after a merger of GlobalTestMarket and MySurveys.

Once you are a member, you will start receiving invitations to surveys when there are some available. It can, however, be a good idea to also log in to check the platform itself sometimes. It has a decent number of surveys.

You can get paid in cash through PayPal or get your earnings out in gift cards. The lowest payout threshold starts around $10 but it depends on your chosen reward.

Join LifePoints Panel

#18 - SurveyRewardz

Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards

Payout threshold: $1

More information: Read full SurveyRewardz review

Short summary:

SurveyRewardz is an easy-to-use survey panel that also is available in India.

It works like a survey scanner, so once you log in, it scans for available surveys for you. If you do not qualify for one it will scan for another available survey. This means it gives access to quite a lot of surveys. It can, however, at times take a bit of patience to find the surveys you qualify for, so you just need to be aware of this.

A great aspect of SurveyRewardz is that you can get your cash out already when you have earned $1 and you can get them out through PayPal, which makes a fast way to get your rewards.

Join SurveyRewardz

#19 - WowApp

Payout methods: PayPal, bank transfer, mobile credit, charity donations

Payout threshold: No threshold

More information: Read full WowApp review

Short summary:

WowApp is an interesting platform where you can earn in many ways from India. Even though it is called an app, you can access it from all devices.

You can, for example, earn by taking paid surveys, play games, watch videos, calling and chatting, and it gives cashback in a lot on Indian online shops, so if you sometimes shop online it can also be a great way to save money.

You can get your earnings out in cash through PayPal, get them transferred directly into your bank account, use them for mobile credits, and more. It also has a social aspect to it and it is quite a different platform from most others on this list but definitely not less interesting.

Join WowApp

#20 - Ebuno

Payout methods: PayPal

Payout threshold: $10

More information: Read full Ebuno review

Short summary:

Ebuno is a fairly new website and it is also available in India. It started out just as a survey site but now has more ways to earn.

In addition to taking paid surveys in India, you can also earn by playing games, inviting friends, and you can get free coins just by clicking a button several times every day.

You can get paid in cash via PayPal once you have earned $10.

Join Ebuno

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